BLOOM Women’s Creative
Leadership Retreat

with Lynne Franks

In Deia, the land of the White Goddess, sacred magic floats between the mountains and the sea and the olive groves are in the shapes of the ancients.  Here,  where creatives have communed with nature for hundreds of years, the sheep’s bells call the new-born lambs to order, the braying of the donkeys merge with the exotic birdsong and a profusion of lemons and oranges spill off the groves of trees planted amongst the traditional mountain houses of thick walls and Moorish terraces of stone.

Two Women on Bloom RetreatIt is here at my home in this very special place on the planet where magic happens, healing happens and women move into their full power of creative leadership and personal fulfillment.

And it is here where I invite an intimate group of like-minded women three times a year on a journey of transformation and empowerment. We work and connect together from my many private terraces while enjoying some of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean from sunrise to sunset.

At the BLOOM Creative Leadership Retreat, we explore together the many feminine qualities needed for personal and professional fulfillment that we so often take for granted through an experiential programme of meditation, visioning, poetry, creative expression and deep, personal journeying.

I take my guests on this well-proven journey accompanied by fun, laughter, healthy exercise, delicious food and great companionship. A new community of women from around the world is born at each retreat, many of whom have stayed as friends and indeed working colleagues.

Alongside my enjoyable programme of transformation and change, I work with each member of the retreat on a one-to-one basis, coaching them personally and professionally to achieve their dreams and BECOME ALL THEY WERE BORN TO BE…

Bloom Retreat Teaching SessionThe six-day BLOOM retreat will release the fears and barriers that have been holding you back. You will uncover your core strengths, discover your true identity and realise your full potential. You will be handed the practical tools to bring about a personal and professional transformation. You will return home experiencing a profound and enduring sense of strength and possibility.

After twenty years of business success, and ten years of developing programmes for women in leadership, I have designed a unique process for the realisation of your highest potential. In my retreat, I integrate spiritual values with professional insights and personal fulfilment techniques, to create a holistic blueprint for a healthy and successful life.

I focus on all areas of life relevant to a modern woman including relationships, career, emotional wealth and physical well-being. I introduce you to your personal success keys and to stimulating exercises that will guide you through to your life fulfilment. You will create a new vision of your true potential and life aspirations, and develop the BLOOM skills to make that vision a reality.

You will enjoy healthy and delicious local cuisine, and several additional activities, such as meditation, mountain walks, dancing, creative writing and classes on the inner artist. You will leave the retreat with a renewed inner core of strength, energy and vision together with practical tools for a broad application on all aspects of your life. You will be ready to live your life to its fullest potential.

One-to-one with Lynne Franks

I will also work with you on a one-to-one basis, offering you my professional and personal guidance to create your life and work plan now. The retreat will equip you with:

  • A deepened sense of purpose
  • A sense of balance when facing life’s challenges
  • A set of tools for decreasing stress, anxieties and fears
  • Increased creativity, and an advanced capacity for enjoyment
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity for decision making, planning and action

  • Practical tips to apply the BLOOM methodology on an ongoing basis

  • And an effective action plan to ensure your future in the present moment

The retreat is the first part of the credentials
to becoming a SEED Coach.

Recommended reading:
'GROW – The Modern Women’s Handbook' by Lynne Franks


Dates & Prices for 2015

June 9 – 14

From £1650 to £1925 + VAT

Early Bird, Double and Group Booking Discounts on Request

For more information and to register please contact:

Sunset in Deia


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