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I invite you to join me at my beautiful home in Deia, Mallorca for one of our signature BLOOM Retreats designed to nurture, inspire and empower the whole woman. I know from my own experience as a mother, grandmother, teacher and business woman how important it is to take a break from our busy day-to-day lives to reconnect with ourselves, our dreams and aspirations.

Yoga Class

As women we are naturally inclined to give our time, energy, attention and nurture to others. This is an opportunity to receive back on many levels, feed your senses and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony.

I have selected an exceptional team of wellness experts, renowned artists and international teachers to work with me in creating these unique retreats and have incorporated my personal SEED coaching tools which will help you access your inner wisdom and live the life you are meant to have.

See you in the Garden,

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Our BLOOM Garden is currently going through exciting new growth and changes. 

Firstly, our Mallorca home is being rejuvenated over the next few months and we are taking the opportunity to offer you some exciting and different experiences here on Mallorca and in the UK. 

I am also looking to organise a very special journey to Bali, one of my other favourite places in the world, where I will introduce you to the magic and mystery that I have experienced myself on recent trips.

We will keep in touch with all our new ideas and look foreward to seeing you in a BLOOM garden soon!


September 12 – 17

Pilates and Nutrition
with Ruth Tongue
at Casa Soller

September 29 – October 4

Holistic Living with 5-Elements Nutrition and Energy Healing
with Ursula Peer
& Reiki Master Monika Evans
at Casa Soller

November 21 – 26

Create the Soul Map to your Destiny
with Monika Evans


February 15 – 20

Reiki Level I & II with Monika Evans

February 28 – March 4

Create the Soul Map to your Destiny
with Monika Evans

April 18 – 24

Explore Four Faces of the Goddess
with Robin Johnson & Monika Evans

May 7 – 14

Write Down Your Dreams
with Monika Evans & Elaine Kingett

May 15 – 20

Pilates and Nutrition
with Ruth Tongue

May 29 – June 3

Detox Formentera
with Ursula Peer

Contact Monika for further details

November 5 – November 15

with Lynne Franks

Contact Monika for further details


Bloom in Bali

Lynne will be hosting her first BLOOM in BALI retreat from November 5th – 15th. You will experience the delights of this mystical island, meet with healers, priests, teachers and some of the world’s top wellbeing experts; enjoy it’s exotic, natural beauty as well as work with Lynne on becoming the true creative leader of your life. Full details available later in April. If you are interesting in joining us please contact:



Lynne Franks reads from 'Grow'

Lynne Franks in her Deia garden, reading her vision for the future based on a co-operative, equal society for all, from her book 'GROW, The Modern Woman's Handbook'.


"Surrounded by olive trees, the mountains and the sea, I was ripe for transformation and a reconnection within. The retreat re-energised me and the work allowed me to reflect in ways my busy day to day life has not permitted."

Kimberly Wilson, author of Hip Tranquil Chick and founder of Tranquil Space Yoga & TranquiliT Boutique and Clothing Line, Washington, DC.

"On a Bloom Retreat magic happens. I felt rested, rejuvenated, nurtured and nourished but most of all inspired. Lynne has an amazing ability to assist with clarity and positive vision."

Janey Lee Grace, Radio/TV presenter, author and award winning expert on natural living.


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