The BLOOM Reiki Levels I & II Retreat

Bloom Retreats is nestled between the stunning Tramuntana mountain range and the wild beauty of Mallorca’s Western coastline an area carrying an exceptionally high energy vibration which makes it a perfect location for healing work. Combining the energy of Reiki with the balancing vibration of the land allows for an experience of great wellbeing and personal healing on all levels.

Reiki is an easy to learn Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many lasting beneficial effects and alleviating virtually every known illness and malady. Reiki balancing in garden


Whether your intention is to become a certified Reiki practitioner or whether you are mainly interested in offering it to your friends, family and pets, this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, attunements and practice to use this gentle yet powerful technique in all areas of your life

The Bloom Reiki Levels I & II Retreat includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation in single or twin rooms
  • Full board with delicious Vegetarian cooking
  • Daily meditation
  • Usui Reiki Level I instruction and attunement
  • Usui Reiki Level II instruction and attunement
  • Reiki Level I & II manual and certificate
  • A free day to explore the local towns and countryside

Additional treatments and sessions are available on request:

  • Yoga class
  • California massage
  • Spa treatments
  • Cranio Sacral therapy
  • Soul Guidance session

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"An excellent experience. Monika was clear, adjusting to everyone’s need, caring, and an excellent Reiki teacher."
H. Behl, Germany

I truly felt I received back multiple times everything I invested to be at this retreat."
A. Rohrer, USA

The BLOOM 'Create the Soul Map
to your Destiny' Retreat

Soul Map to your DestinyHave you ever had a feeling that you are here to fulfill a life purpose but are not sure what that could be? Our soul constantly communicates with us through symbols and words that conjure up strong images as well as through the realms of dreams, subconscious associations and archetypes.
It is only when our soul purpose or destiny aligns with our conscious will that true miracles of manifestation can happen.

This retreat is designed to start you on your path to fulfill your destiny by creating your unique Soul Map and light your way as you become the hero/ine of your purposeful life. We start by uncovering the symbols, messages and signs your soul has been sending you since you were born and use them to create a physical map that will be your compass. We will also work on removing any hidden fears that maybe stopping you from realising your destiny and commit to some action steps that will allow the unfolding of your personal magical journey.

Your Soul Map is deeply personal. It doesn’t need to be understood by anybody else nor by your rational mind. Your Soul knows what it means and then the true co-creative and miraculous process of manifestation can begin.

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“I had the pleasure of creating my Soul Map with Monika and it was an insightful and joyful process that has given clarity and perspective in moving forward in my life.”
Robin Johnson, Greatmystery

“Between you, and the special group of ladies I worked with that day, I came to find another side of me, a side which has the strength to follow through with my goals. Goals, which seemed to have stagnated, but are now moving slowly to fruition.”
Gael W., Vancouver


Monika EvansMonika Evans has been working as a Reiki practitioner and teacher in Vancouver and Europe and is the Programme Coordinator at Bloom Retreats. She received her Master training at Glastonbury/Stonehenge from William Lee Rand, the founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training. She also teaches her signature “Create the Soul Map to your Destiny” workshops and offers one-on-one Soul Guidance sessions interpreting the ancient wisdom and symbolism of the Tarot.


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